Galaxy S6 4G+ G920I gets Lollipop version G920IDVU1BOF6 in Singapore, Not the Android 5.1.1 Update yet

Singapore's Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ (SM-G920I) has got another Lollipop update that will bump up the build version to G920IDVU1BOF6. This update is still in Android 5.0.2 base and it's not the Android 5.1.1 update yet.  The latter is the 3rd consecutive update that has officially sent out by Samsung in Singapore alone.  We can not tell the benefit of the update and what new stuff it could offer to all Galaxy S6 4G+ owners as there are no official announcement released by Samsung Singapore support itself.

Moreover,  every firmware update bring  more improvements to the device performance and stability.  This also includes bug fixes to some potential problems in the device that might have been found from the previous update. So better manually check the update thru Over-The-Air (OTA) and Kies/Smart Switch as we spotted it and it's already in there earlier today.

Here are the list of firmware update on Galaxy S6 4G+ SM-G920I in Singapore including the build version and technical details : 
G920IDVU1BOF6Android version: 5.0.2
Baseband version: G920IDVU1BOF6
Kernel version: 3.10.61-5157871
Build number: LRX22G.G920IDVU1BOF6
Release date: July 2015
G920IDVU1BOF2Android version: 5.0.2
Baseband version: G920IDVU1BOF2
Kernel version: 3.10.61-5028600
Build number: LRX22G.G920IDVU1BOF2
Release date: June 2015
G920IDVU1AOE4Initial Release. Android version 5.0.2, Lollipop.
G920IDVU1AOD1Pre-sales Release

How to Update the Galaxy S6 SM-G920I to Latest Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

According to Samsung we should follow some important steps before performing the software update on our devices. I also added some useful insights and why you should follow this procedures to safely kept your Galaxy S6 in a much safer way while performing software update.

First and foremost make sure to recharge your Galaxy S6 – While performing software update on Galaxy S6 it may only takes just a couple of minutes but sometimes it may take longer. It will depend on how small or large the update size is, but most cases it also affects the speed of your data connection. Slower WiFi data connection may take longer while a stronger data connection is more speedy. A 40% to 50% recharged battery is enough but a fully recharged is way much better. Since we cannot determine how what the exact time we need to consume when initiating the firmware update so we should make sure our device has still enough battery remaining power to avoid any fatal issues. Have you ever heard or encountered those fellas who ended their devices into soft-bricks? A device was just stuck on Samsung logo or welcome screen and can’t reboot normally, those are what we called soft-bricks. And most probably caused by an inadequate battery power while performing the software update.

Do not forget to back up all of the important data – Even though there are no any data that are going to be deleted right after performing software update. But what if the software update went wrong, the update unexpectedly fails and then the phone becomes unresponsive and then it forces you to perform a wipe data/factory that basically wipes your phone’s memory storage just to resolve the issue. So you should backup your important files, including contacts, messages, call log, photos, videos, music, and apps. You cannot recover these files if somehow accidentally deleted when the software update goes wrong.

Your Galaxy S6 must still runs on the official software version and hasn’t been rooted nor installed with non-official firmware update – Just in-case you just need to know that a rooted and a modified Galaxy S6 will not get official software update anymore from Samsung and either to which carrier providers it came from. It will not allow users to install the update as it might harm the device once the update has made. So a rooted and modified Galaxy S6 users usually receives this warning message instead, that says: ‘The operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Smart Switch on your computer or visit a customer service center.”

Option 1: Update the Galaxy S6 4G+ SM-G920I via Firmware Over-The-Air (OTA)

This is the usual method on how to check and to perform an update on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to the latest software version.  This method is what we called Firmware Update  Over-The-Air and so-called as FOTA or simply OTA update. In most often cases a notification message will directly sent to you by your network provider and by Samsung itself, telling you that there is a new update that has now available for download.  This approach requires you to prepare a strong WiFi connection,  and so it might happened sometimes that one did not receive any software update notification messages; 1) if and when the device is out of range during the software update roll out  period, 2) Automatic update has been turned off in the device Settings.
However, We can still manually check for the update instead.
Here’s how to do it manually:
  • In your Galaxy S6 Home screen tap on Apps.
  • Select the Settings gear icon.
  • Tap About device.
  • Tap Software update.
  • Tap Check for update.

It will then notify you that a new update is available for download. But it also says that “Your device software is up to date“, and there is no software update is yet available for grab. You can simply choose Download and Install now if you do so or else Install later if you want to get the update in later time.

But if ever you might have had receive this message while checking software update that says something like “The operating system on your device has been modified in an unauthorized way. Try downloading software updates using Smart Switch on your computer or visit a customer service center.”  This is a warning message that only appears for those devices that has been rooted and installed with modified and unofficial firmware.  So to be able to get the Software OTA update again, you must Unroot your Galaxy S6 first and removed any modification that has been installed on it.

Option 2: Update Galaxy S6 4G+ SM-G920I Using Kies 3 or Smart Switch

Kies can support the Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920I for firmware upgrading, which is unlike the other models isn’t supported anymore but instead it uses Smart Switch. You may head-over to your  local Samsung support page from where you can download Samsung Kies from there, and install it in your Windows or Mac computer. Choose the new Kies 3 which supports the Galaxy S6 SM-G920I.  Once you installed Kies 3, all you need is connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920I into your computer using the USB cable, then simply run and follow Kies on-screen software update instructions.

You may also visit your nearest Samsung Experience Shops(SES) that supports the Smart Service. They can do the firmware update on your Galaxy S6 SM-G920I.