Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware SM-G928F Galaxy S6 edge+ (Europe)

Here are the firmware updates for the Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928F, the international variants. Each of these release builds contains some significant changes to the device, including but not limited to improved the device performance, apps and other features enhancements, network data connectivity, camera and audio quality, and other general system improvements.

In recent updates, most of these releases were part of the monthly Android Security Maintenance Release of which provided by Samsung and Google themselves.  Each of these updates has the monthly Android security patches for Google and Samsung's known vulnerabilities, to protect the users personal data.

So here are the list of Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware Updates of were officially rolled out on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928F. You may simply check the most recent update in your area as this lists are defined according to country, carriers and or mobile network operators.

We also compiled some select stock firmware packages. Mostly for the unbranded Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928F only, as this variant is more versatile into modification such as rooting, and further personal customization. But these stock firmware packages are only for those advanced users who might use it to manually update as well as to unroot and restore back their Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928F device to official firmware from any custom ROM and modified system images.

Build versionRelease dateCarrier
G928FXXS4CRB4 6 March 2018Unlocked version (Europe)
G928FXXS4CRA1 22 January 2018Unlocked version (Europe)
G928FXXS3CQL518 December 2017Unlocked version (Europe)
G928FXXS3CQK1 21 November 2017Unlocked version (Europe)
G928FXXS3CQJ1 6 November 2017Unlocked version (Europe)
G928FXXU3CQH4 28 August 2017Unbranded, 3,  Vodafone
G928FXXS3CQH3 27 August 2017T-Mobile, Cosmote
G928FXXS3CQH2 26 August 2017Unbranded (Europe)
G928FXXS3CQH1 21 August 2017Unbranded (Netherlands)
G928FXXS3CQGA 28 July 2017Unbranded (Europe)
G928FXXS3CQG9 26 July 2017Unbranded, Swisscom, Si.Mobil, A1, Mtel
G928FXXS3CQG8 26 July 2017 Vodafone
G928FXXS3CQG7 30 July 2017Unbranded (Netherlands)
G928FXXS3CQG3 26 July 2017Unbranded (Nordic countries)
G928FXXU3CQG2 24 July 2017 Unbranded (Baltic States)
G928FXXS3CQFA16 June 2017 T-Mobile, Cosmote
G928FXXS3CQF920 June 2017 Unbranded, Swisscom, Si.Mobil, A1, Mtel
G928FXXS3CQF8 26 July 2017 Vodafone
G928FXXS3CQF7 2 July 2017 EE UK,   Unbranded (Netherlands)
G928FXXS3CQF6 6 July 2017Unbranded (Uzbekistan)
G928FXXU3CQF3 29 July 2017Unbranded, Bouygues, SFR
G928FXXU3CQE821 June 2017Unbranded (Netherlands)
G928FXXS3CQE529 June 2017Unbranded (Uzbekistan)
G928FXXS3CQE428 June 2017 Unbranded, T-Mobile  (Europe)
G928FXXS3CQE330 June 2017 Unbranded, Swisscom, Si.Mobil, A1, Mtel
G928FXXU3CQE114 June 2017 3 UK, Vodafone
G928FXXU3CQD6 27 May 2017Swede (Tre)
G928FXXU3CQD5 23 May 2017 Orange
G928FXXS3CQD4 22 May 2017 Unbranded (Uzbekistan)
G928FXXS3CQD3 19 May 2017Unbranded,  3 Network
G928FXXU3CQD2 30 May 2017 Unbranded, Swisscom, Si.Mobil, A1, Mtel
G928FXXU3CQC5 6 May 2017Unbranded (Uzbekistan)
G928FXXU3CQC323 April 2017O2
G928FXXU3CQC26  March 2017 Unbranded, Swisscom, Si.Mobil, A1, Mtel

In addition, some updates also include new features, otherwise some may also removed. In most cases, each updates includes a security enhancements, or otherwise several fixes to found issues on previous updates. In reality, some updates may not good enough, and may broke some applications to stop working properly. This is the reason why there are so many folks out there had to complain when a new update arrived on their devices.

So there you have it! It is still up to you whether to update your precious Galaxy S6 edge+ or not or just stick around to your device current Android OS, the one that you exactly knew your device is working great and smoothly as ever as it could be.