Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge Stock Recovery

These are Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge stock recovery files.  the stock recovery is one part of the whole stock firmware for those who might need it  to restore back the official and stock recovery from custom recovery. Installing back the stock recovery on Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge can fix undesired problems on a rooted and modified device and has been installed with custom recovery. One of these is the "Deep Sleep Mode" that will not tend to work on a rooted Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

These stock recovery is extracted from the official Galaxy S6 stock firmware and Galaxy S6 Edge stock firmware.  Each model has its own corresponding stock recovery images to avoid collision and compatibility issues.

Important note:   Don't play around the stock recovery file in-case you don't exactly knew when and where to be use it for. Use of these stock recovery files is solely at your own device risk.

Galaxy S6 Stock Recovery 

Model Recovery
SM-G9200  Hong Kong, China, Taiwan  n/a
SM-G920A AT&Tn/a
SM-G920F Global (link)
SM-G920I Australia & the Americas (link)
SM-G920K KT Corpn/a
SM-G920L LG Uplusn/a
SM-G920P Sprintn/a.
SM-G920R US Cellularn/a
SM-G920S SK Teln/a
SM-G920T T-Mobile (USA)n/a
SM-G920V Verizonn/a
SM-G920W Canadan/a

Galaxy S6 Edge Stock Recovery

Model Recovery
SM-G9250 HK,CHN,TWNn/a
SM-G925A AT&Tn/a
SM-G925F Global (link)
SM-G925I Australia & the Americas (link)
SM-G925K KT Corp (link)
SM-G925L LG Uplus (link)
SM-G925P Sprint (link)
SM-G925R US Cellular (link)
SM-G925S SK Tel (link)
SM-G925T T-Mobile (USA) (link)
SM-G925V Verizon.n/a
SM-G925W Canada (link)

How to Flash and Restore Back the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Stock Recovery

Assuming that your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is rooted and already installed with custom recovery such TWRP and CWM at this stage. So you can simply restores back the stock recovery within the phone using an app and without using a computer. To restore back the stock recovery on to the device just simply follow these simple steps.

1. Download corresponding stock recovery file  that matches to your Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Model number.

2. Extract the recovery file and then simply put it in your phone's SD card.

3. Download and install this app at Play Store.

4. In the App drawer, locate and run the app and then tap to where it says Flash, and then select Recovery image.

5. Browse to the stock recovery image (Recovery.img) and then install it.

6. Wait until it finishes flashing and the phone reboots.

You might also required to perform a full wipe data factory reset in order to gain fresher stock recovery installation. If somehow the installation failed. Just check where the problem has occurred, it usually depends on which version of custom recovery you have had installed. You can repeat the installation process of stock recovery.

How to check if the stock recovery is restored on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

To check if you have successfully restored the stock recovery just reboot the phone in recovery mode. To access the recovery mode, simply turn off the phone, then press and hold down Volume Up, Home and Power button at the same time.

Here you can see the stock recovery screen,   this depends on what model and firmware build version your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge has. This one shows from T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925T and it  says;

Android system recovery <3e>

Volume up/down to move highlight and
power button to select.
Then followed with the stock recovery options such as:
  • reboot system now
  • apply update from ADB
  • apply update from external storage
  • apply update from cache
  • wipe data/factory reset
  • wipe cache partition
  • reboot to bootloader
  • power down
  • view recovery logs

From here you should have that stock recovery menus once you have restored and installed back the appropriate stock recovery of your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.